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job_id 35
job_title KSU-Clinical Staff
job_industry 6
job_experience 0
job_location Riyadh
job_designation Clinical Staff

Dear Applicant ,

College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University, requires teaching faculty as per the details below. candidates (Male & Female both) having PhD. / Master Degrees in the relevant fields 

1-    Radiological sciences (Radiological sciences (X-ray diagnostic,CT imaging techniques,Xbio, Ultrasound techniques, Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic resonance, Radiotherapy techniques, Radiation protection of medical radiation physics, A doctor in radiology)

2-    Ills of Speech and Hearing

3-    Rehabilitation Sciences

4-    Respiratory Therapy

5-    Occupational Therapy
job_keywords 9
job_date_time 2017-01-05 05:13:32
industry_name Educational/Teaching
keyword_name Medical Health Science

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