Recruitment Procedure

A.S. Edutech, HR Consultants Part

3 A.S.EDUTECH HR Consultant we are mainting our quality of service by following standard recruitment procedure which makes us leading service provider in industry, by following step –


 2. APPROVAL OF ADVERTISING- A.S.EDUTECH HR Consultant Expert drafts the advertising copy for approval by the Client concerned and makes all arrangements for its placement in the relevant press. All advertisements are posted on A.S.EDUTECH Internet following sites  (Premium Job Portal in India),, ,

twitter, facebook pages,

3. CANDIDATE POOLING/SOURCING  After receiving opening from client  A.S.EDUTECH HR Consulate team start to pooling  prospect applicant by search our Exist ERP date bank , and start candidate pooling through the job portal campaign like email , SMS, etc.


Initial Screen in -Our screening process will not only be rigorous but also timely.  We will ensure that every applicant has been sent a response letter inside 48 hours of receipt of application.The resume screen will focus upon ability to perform technical tasks or competencies through previous experience and demonstrable competence through promotions, education, and career development.

5- INTERVIEWS BY EXPERTS TO SHORTLIST- Our interviews require candidates to provide precise answers focusing on specific real-life examples.  This gives us clear evidence of their ability to perform the role in question and provides information which can be objectively compared alongside other candidates.

At the interview candidates will also complete a Motivational Questionnaire.  This is the candidates’ opportunity to indicate aspects of a job and organization they find rewarding or unrewarding.  We use this information to match this with the motivational aspects the client organization is ideally looking for.

6. PRESENTATION OF SHORTLIST We present a shortlist of candidates to be interviewed by the client company concerned.  The company will be provided with the candidate’s own resume, their motivational profile and a description of how each candidate demonstrated their ability in the key competencies necessary to perform the role at interview. 

7. FINAL INTERVIEWS WITH THE EMPLOYER AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE – We arrange preliminary interview on video Skype ect if client prefe. Also arrange personal interview with convenience location,  

 8. COMPLETE MEDICAL EXAMINATION - After final selection we send the workers/ candidates for medical checkup by the authorized medical center of the respective Embassies of the country of employment.

9. CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATE VERIFICATION – after getting selection approval from Client we start candidates education certificate verification as per the guideline with Concern Embassy / Cultural Attaché office to know the genuinely / authenticity of certificate and get attestation with concern offices / Embassy . 

9. APPLICATION FOR VISA- after getting the education certificate attestation and medical fitness our representative complete all necessary formalities and obtain the visa from concern Embassy.

10.TICKETING AND EMIGRATION & ORIENTATION BEFORE DEPARTURE -The employer may send PTA or remit necessary travelling expenses in favor of A.S.EDUTECH HR CONSULTANTS to facilitate travelling as scheduled. We obtain emigration clearance from the concerned Govt. Dept. for the candidates etc. A.S. Edutech HR Consultant provides basic orientation to the candidates before travelling abroad. The candidates are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first hand information on work environment etc.

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